The Gas Mask Citizen is a well-known cut model, known mainly for its appearance in the "Get Your Free TVs!" shot, stated to be from around 2000.


The Gas Mask Citizen is the oldest known revision of Half Life 2's citizen model. It is a person fully clad in a rubber suit with a brown apron, with his face behind a gasmask. According to Marc Laidlaw, it was cut so Valve could focus more on their facial animation system.

The model in the Leak (believed to be "Citizen.mdl", referenced in many early WC maps) is long gone (with a few potential descendants still present), and all that remains of it are its textures.

It's symbolic of the earliest eras of Half-Life 2's development, while the atmosphere still was toxic enough to necessitate gasmasks.


Potential Descendants

Remaining Textures

Efforts to remake

Released Gas Mask Citizen

  • The "FF27" Gas Mask Citizen

Initially released on Gamebanana, it was eventually taken down.

  • The "Gmadador" Gas Mask Citizen

Relatively new compared to the others, with a particular emphasis on being accurate to the pictures.

  • The "Stacker" Gas Mask Citizen

With a head based on the TFC Pyro, it offers a distinct interpretation of the model.

  • The "Red Katana" Gas Mask Citizen

Also known as the "Milkyway M16" after the person who released it, this one is very well-regarded in quality, although it is not fully attempting to recreate what is in the screenshots.

  • The "Snood" Gas Mask Citizen

Though not a particularly good model, either in accuracy or quality, it has the dubious honor of being the first released Gas Mask Citizen, predating better alternatives.

  • The "Spud" Gas Mask Citizen

Not a particularly common Gas Mask Citizen, but released nonetheless. It is middle-of-the-road, accuracy and quality wise.

  • The "Scientist" Gas Mask Citizen

Based on the HL1 scientist model, it has a much lower poly count than the rest, giving it a distinct dated element.

  • The "Based Eymane" Gas Mask Citizen

This version holds the slot as the first gas mask citizen model remake to include a working glass visor. It is distinctly very accurate to existing screenshots.


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Unreleased Gasmasks

  • Posted on Facepunch by Sgt. Headcrab.
  • The "Project 9" Gas Mask Citizen

Originally posted by Odddoc, with the third shot being released by T-Braze on the discord.

  • The "Rastellarous" Gas Mask Citizen

One of the stranger models. It is very low quality due to the fact it is a simple recolor of an existing 'Haz Mat' playermodel.

  • The "Conscript" Gas Mask Citizen

This Gas Mask Citizen was in the mod Conscript, and "went down with the ship", so to speak.


Juan Martinez 2007
The Gasmask Citizen's face texture was based on one of Gabe Newell's friends, Juan Martinez .
Laidlaw Proof2

"Get Your Free TVs!" Script

"The video as I recall was of the viewpoint character moving through some dingy buildings on a deserted street, when around the corner run two citizens carrying old-fashioned boxy television sets. The first one shouts, “TVs! Free TVs!” as he runs past. The second one says, a bit more of a fast mutter, “Get one. Get a TV. Get yourself a TV!” I think as the viewpoint keeps going, you round a corner and see a citizen and a cop in a very awkward scuffle, where the cop tries to konk the citizen with his nightstick and the citizen is trying to protect himself with his fists. Somewhere in here (maybe a different map?) another citizen hurls a molotov at a building and starts a small fire. I think there might be alarms going off the whole time? It was a pretty short clip, and I’m not even sure what it was supposed to demo considering it was SIGGRAPH and not a gameplay demo." -Marc Laidlaw [April 13th, 2018]

Laidlaw Proof