The MP5K is a scrapped weapon that is partially available in the Half-Life 2 Leak.


The MP5K is the predecessor to the final SMG1, eventually replaced in retail. However, in the Half-Life 2 Leak, a large portion of the weapon's files are still present, excluding the viewmodel.
The SMG1's functionality does not appear have been changed away from the MP5K's settings, as it has a number of major differences compared to retail.

  • It has 30 bullets, as opposed to 45.
  • It fires slightly slower.
  • It is much more accurate.
  • It is more damaging, dealing 10 instead of 4 damage.

Missing ViewmodelEdit

In the leak, the viewmodel has been removed, but the textures for it remain.
As a result of this, no pictures, renders, etc. of the viewmodel were publicly available, until September 26 of 2017.

Viewmodel Picture Release Edit

At which point, ValveTime released pictures of both the MP5K and SMG2[1], apparently originating from John Grimm's portfolio.

Prior RevisionsEdit

The current revision of the MP5k is not the only one in the files. A few others are scattered throughout.


An intermediate revision, between Jaytest and before the final MP5K. The only remnant of it is in the texture files, in materials\Models\Weapons\Obsolete\V_hkmp5k.


Much earlier than either other revisions, it seems to have been used for a test of some kind, then forgotten in the files while the non-Jaytest MP5k evolved onward.
It is likely to be from before 2001, as it is rife with Half-Life 1-esque texturing habits, naming habits (p_hkMp5k), and a comparatively low level of quality compared to most other weapon models.

More info: Jaytest

Differences between view/world modelsEdit

Like with most of Valve's weapon models, the viewmodel and worldmodel have a number of visible differences.







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